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From the vibrant landscapes of Colorado, I've woven narratives that stretch the imagination and touch the heart. As Kelly Morgan, the soul behind Bright Headed Publishing, LLC, my lifelong affair with storytelling has been anything but ordinary. Crafting novels, short stories, and poems since my school days, I've dedicated my life to exploring the depth of human emotion through the written word. My passion for storytelling is driven by a desire to shine a light on diverse voices and untold stories, illuminating the beauty and complexity of the human experience.

My journey as an author has been marked by a quirky sense of humor and an unwavering commitment to authenticity. This unique blend has not only shaped my writing but also landed me the co-host spot on That's Some Crazy Shit podcast. Beyond the realm of traditional storytelling, I've ventured into the world of podcasts, hosting the BHP Podiobook Book Club. These platforms have allowed me to connect with listeners far and wide, sharing laughs, insights, and the inspirations behind my work.

The essence of my writing lies in its ability to resonate with a diverse audience, particularly women and African-American women. My stories, rooted in women's fiction and African-American fiction, seek to create a space where every reader can find a piece of themselves within the pages. Through Bright Headed Publishing, I aim to contribute to a more inclusive literary landscape, where stories from all walks of life are celebrated and cherished.

My aspiration is not just to tell stories but to create a community where the power of words brings us together. Whether through the pages of my books or the episodes of my podcasts, I invite readers and listeners to join me in celebrating the art of storytelling. In every character's journey, in every plot twist, and in every line of poetry, there is a piece of my heart, a spark of my imagination, and a steadfast belief in the transformative power of storytelling.

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