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Kelly Morgan

Hello there, I am Kelly Morgan the creative powerhouse behind Bright Headed Publishing, LLC., nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. From the tender age when words first captivated my hear, I have been on a mesmerizing journey of storytelling that knows no bounds

As an aspiring author, my pen dances across the pages to breathe life into characters that linger in the minds of readers longer after they have turned the pate. With each novel, short story, and poem I craft, I strive to weave a tapestry of emotions that resonate with humor and depth – a signature touch that sets my work aglow in the world of literature. 

At the heart of my literary pursuits lies a deep-seated passion for amplifying diverse voices and untold narratives with women’s and African-American fiction. Through my writing, I aim not only to entertain but also enlighten, shedding light on stories that deserve to be heard far and wide. 

Join me on the enchanting voyage as we explore uncharted territories of imagination and emotion through the power of words. Together, let’s paint vibrant words with ink and paper, where every story is a symphony waiting to be heard.

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